Batgirl deserves her own animated film…and the time has never been better

Us nerds who grew up watching DC cartoons are kind of in heaven right now: about twice a year we are treated to an all-new animated movie. From great creative minds, high quality animation, to great casting, these films are not only great in their own right but for the most part adaptations of our favorite films.

Next year will bring a new Justice League film called ‘Doom’ as well as Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (see my reactions for Doom here and DKR here), but what about after that?

My hope is on Batgirl.

Andd yes, it’s totally obvious that I’m biased, but there has never been a better time for Babs to get some limelight.

Several years ago, when Wonder Woman’s film came out, Bruce Timm revealed that an adaptation of Scott Beatty and Chuck Dixon’s graphic novel Batgirl: Year One was shelved, because of low sales of Wonder Woman:

  We were developing and hoping to get started on a ‘Batgirl’ film based on ‘Year One,’ but because of ‘Wonder Woman’s’ slow sales start, that won’t be happening now.

Three reasons why this claim is absolutely bogus:

1. The fact that Wonder Woman is female has nothing to do with sales, and everything to do with the movie itself and marketing; and even if it did,

2. Wonder Woman and Batgirl are completely different characters and their origins are worlds apart –literally. To say that they are the same because they are both women insults their character, and

3. Batgirl is part of the Batman canon. Therefore a movie about her would immediately be more popular because of who it would guest star (sorry, Wondy).

Regardless, any idea of an adaptation has receded to the back of DC’s mind possibly to the point of oblivion.

But the time for a Batgirl film, specifically Batgirl: Year One, has never been better.

Ever since the summer everyone’s been talking about the return of Barbara Gordon to the Batgirl mantle, and the buzz hasn’t stopped with the beginning success of her new comic book series by Gail Simone. What better way to tie in her return with an adaptation of her origin story?

There are also rumors flying about that Barbara Gordon might be in the upcoming Batman flim, Dark Knight Rises. Though nothing can be confirmed yet, an animated movie would be a perfect bridge between the sure-to-break-the-box-office film and the more comic-book-fan oriented media.

Third, it would provide some much-needed shaking up. Every single animated film has starred Superman and/or Batman, except for three: the GL films and Wonder Woman. Moreover, only the Wonder Woman move and the Catwoman short have starred women. A Batgirl origin film will be a breath of fresh air, something different, but still within the very well-known Batman canon–and the Dark Knight will obviously have a presence.

I want to think that Timm and the rest of the creative team are aware of this atmosphere and its potential. I really do. I want to think that it’s more than just who sells–Superman, Batman, the Justice League and whoever’s got a live-action movie coming up.

We love Bats and Supes, but in all honesty it’s time for something new. And while there are lots and lots of possibilities, from Aquaman to Zatanna….maybe it’s time for Batgirl to shine.


3 thoughts on “Batgirl deserves her own animated film…and the time has never been better

  1. if they do decide to do this (they should, its not like the character is NOT popular) they srsly need to not include anyone else. I always felt Barbara worked better by herself than anyone else. not to mention if anyone else is in it yknow she would end up a crutch to batman and robin. Who would she face though?

    • It depends on if it’s an adaptation of Batgirl: Year One or not. Because YO is an origin story it would need Batman and Robin, as well as Black Canary, but only in supporting roles–I totally agree that she can’t play second fiddle in her own film, like Supergirl in Apocalypse. But it would be impossible to do a Batgirl movie without any of them, since Babs was never really solo.

      And in terms of villains, if it was a YO adaptation Babs would face Killer Moth and Blockbuster, not my favorite villains to be sure…

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