Returns, Gift Cards & Indulgences: Your Post-Holidays Batgirl Wishlist

The holiday season may technically be over–gift wrap strewn across the floor, presents opened and holiday surprises unveiled–but that doesn’t mean the gift season has to be! If there’s a gift you got that doesn’t quite fit your wishes, or a gift card you’re looking to use–or if you think you maybe didn’t get quite enough presents–here are some Batgirl-related ideas to add to your list!

Click images for links to the providers.

Batgirl: The Lesson, Bryan Q Miller, $12.84 [Amazon]

“It’s a new year and a new look for Batgirl as superstar artist Dustin Nguyen joins the creative team! Stephanie Brown’s second semester at Gotham U. starts like any other – new classes, new allies, a vigilante stalker – everything a gal could want! But what Gotham City’s Batgirl isn’t prepared for is the arrival of the mysterious “Order of the Scythe.” Who are they, and why have they set their sights on her?” This trade paperback collects the final issues of Stephanie Brown’s run as Batgirl, Batgirl #15-24 – you can’t miss it! And if you prefer digital, check out all of the Batgirl issues on comiXology!

Funko Batgirl Pop Heroes figurine, $7.99 [Amazon]

“Inspired by designer toys and stylized character collectibles the world over, Funko is back with Pop. Heroes Vinyl Figure.” This adorable collectible figure of Batgirl (Babs Gordon) is a cute addition to your desk or any countertop.

Batgirl Jr Womens Night Person T-Shirt

Batgirl “I’m a Night Person” T-shirt, $23.99 [Teenormous]

“Made from 100% cotton this dark navy blue junior-woman’s t-shirt features a classic image of Batgirl along side an exclamation proclaiming her nocturnal preference!” A must for any Batgirl fan looking to show off her  fandom with style, and not one of those standard Bat-logo tees.

Batgirl: Year One Motion Comics
$7.99 full series, $0.99/episode [iTunes]

“This Motion Comics animated series, adapted from the nine-issue mini-series, focuses on the origins of Batgirl, who in reality is Barbara Gordon — the daughter of Gotham City Police Chief Commissioner James Gordon.” If you’re a fan of Babs’ now-classic graphic novel, there’s no harm in giving the motion comics a try–it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of Iron Man’s Extremis, but hey, it’s Babs, so how can it be bad?


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