Two Cents: Batgirl #4

Batgirl’s first arc comes to an end as she confronts Mirror for the final time!

This was a satisfying issue, but the way Batgirl takes down Mirror was a bit disappointing. After the cancellation of Simone’s Birds and Secret Six, as well as her general genius combined with my Batgirl bias, I can’t hide from the fact that I have high expectations of Simone and this title in general. It’s probably unfair; we’ve only just gotten started and Batgirl’s team needs to build up the story on new ground. But still, it’s Batgirl’s first villain and she beats him with…a hall of  mirrors? Really? It’s been done before in other stories and also a common trope in Batman (everything with the Joker, and the recent Detective Comics run with Batwoman come to mind).

The highlight of the story really is the beginning when Babs, in a nightmare, painfully confronts who she is–a fracture between her lives as Barbara and Batgirl. Gail Simone deftly sets up Babs’ physical and psychological obstacles to deal with in the future; and as we discover more and more about Barbara’s “cure,” the more obvious it becomes that this is not going “back to the way it was,” though it’s hard to deny the political economic decision by the DC Powers That Be.

Ardian Syaf does some nice poses with Babs doing the trademark Bat-crouch (it’s a lot cooler than it sounds), and even make her look intimidating. While I wasn’t so crazy about the first cover and the Spider-Man-like gloves….I’m liking her costume more and more.


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