DC’s new logo SUCKS.

Thanks to BleedingCool, here are some new variants of the new DC logo, which has been popping up all over the geekosphere during the past week.

DC’s logo has evolved a lot over the years, like the organization itself, so it’s not like a logo chang has never happened. And I’m no graphic artist, but I really don’t see the logic in this one. There is just nothing aesthetically pleasing about it. A “D” peeling back, seriously? Where’s the superhero in that? And as much as I consider myself a DC fan, I can only make out the meaning behind two of these–the Watchmen and Green Lantern logos on the bottom.

Maybe most importantly, it seems so much more serious than the last couple of logos. This is a comic book company, right? I really like what GeekDad says in his article:

Gone are the campy swirl and star elements. Also gone, though, is the dynamism and playfulness. What is left is an almost uptight corporate symbol that, without the title underneath, is unclear as to what it represents…it’s clear from this logo that there is definitely a new regime in control.

I’ve been confused by DC’s tactics since the new 52, if they’re trying to be more “accessible” to new fans and not offend the old ones. While this change is perhaps unsurprising–a new look for a new line of comics–it seems like one more in a long line of unnecessary changes.


One thought on “DC’s new logo SUCKS.

  1. I agree. I have a feeling somebody is out to destroy DC Comics from the inside, and the way they’re doing it starting with the Logo change is only the latest, what with the universe wide reboot being the first things that happened, along with the renumbering and the costume and format changes… Any ideas?

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