Batgirl’s Bryan Q. Miller will write Smallville comics!

In the same way that comic book characters are never really dead, a series finale is never really a finale…especially when there’s a second life waiting in comics!

According to MTV Geek News, the beloved Superman show Smallville is continuing on the shelves with “Season 11,” which will pick up right where the series finale left off. The comics are to be released digitally in April of this year, followed by print editions in May.

This eleventh season will be written by Bryan Q. Miller, loved by Batgirl fans for his work on Stephanie Brown’s run, until its untimely end thanks to the DC New 52 reboot, and art by Pere Perez, who also did work on Batgirl.

“Six months after Clark Kent donned the cape and took to the skies to save Earth from Apokolips… enter Season 11!” Miller teased for The Source [DC’s official blog]. “New allies abound! New enemies afoot! And old friends return where they’re least expected!”

According to The Source, the series will feature key cast members from Smallville, including Chloe Sullivan-Queen and Green Arrow, whose own CW series is currently in the works.

After the incredible disappointment of Stephanie’s end as Batgirl, and then not seeing Miller picked up as a 52-writer, I am very relieved that he’s remaining in DC and writing what could potentially be an excellent title.

Also, how interesting that DC is choosing Smallville to be a digital-first title. The push to digital is exciting, but it could result in lower sales.

Will you read season eleven of Smallville??


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