The New Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Trailer!

I had a good list going of things to get done this summer…respectable, productive things. But now that I’ve seen this trailer, all that’s out the window. As if I didn’t have enough fun playing the original, kicking Joker, Two Face and Riddler butt as Batman, smashing each pole, bench and tree in sight order to collect more bolts…and generally careening the Batmobile into every and every object on the screen. The game also allowed my brother and I to engage in some (rare) teamwork fun, just like Sonic the Hedgehog in days old past…though he would find it endlessly funny to punch Alfred in the face every time we went to the Batcave.

I am more than excited for the next Lego Batman installment especially because the game widens the playing field to the Justice League, though we only see the Man of Steel in this trailer. Where’s Wonder Woman, the Flash, GL and so on? Once again it seemed like the Batman/Superman show, and while they’re the moneymakers just a moment or two of any other superhero would have been welcome. Especially Wonder Woman. There are so many great ways the characters could be introduced–so much inside, self deprecating joke potential, knowing the wit of the previous Lego games–I was hoping for one of those moments.

I’m also hoping Batgirl (duh), Black Canary and Huntress are playable characters (Birds of Prey, anyone?) but I guess I shouldn’t get my hopes up too much.

What do you think about the trailer?


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