About Me

Levana is in the midst of her first year of graduate school in Los Angeles (yeah, I know you’re jealous). While an undergrad, she managed to write at least five papers on superheroes and their awesomeness (including an honors thesis), and somehow still completed a degree. How crazy this world is!

While being a geek is quality over quantity and longevity, Levana can claim her geek cred since the beginning, as her awesome parents raised her on a healthy diet of Star Wars, Batman Beyond, TNG and Sonic the Hedgehog. (She later returned the favor by introducing them to Firefly, Doctor Who and Sherlock.) Things have gotten even better (or worse, according to the bank account) with her discovery of comic books and graphic novels.

Outside of comic books, Levana is always hungry for a good magical realism book, swimming laps in the pool, and a big bowl of pad thai, though her first attempt at a homemade batch was no less than disastrous. Seriously. Even the dog wouldn’t eat it.

Chic Gone Geek has been bringing you news, reviews and general silliness for two and a half years. Geek culture continues to be more and more acceptable into the mainstream, and so is the inclusion of geeky girls; while all geeks are created equal (in awesomeness), Levana is proud to add her voice to that mix in particular.

what I’m reading: The Flash, Saga, Wolverine and the X-Men, Avengers vs X-Men, Batman Beyond and Batwoman.
what I’m catching up on: Batman: The Black Mirror, Atomic Robo, Knights of the Old Republic, Sandman

how I review: Here’s how it works. I don’t have a lot of free time in my life, but I love comics. So if it’s good, I keep reading. And if I don’t, then I’ll stop–and I let you know. I prefer honesty and spending precious time reading what I love over pandering to what’s popular and mainstream. Also, there’s no scoring system: in my opinion each comic is so different and the goals of each story unique to itself….it’s like apples and oranges.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. A wonderful page… congrats for that… I had to tell you, although I’m usually so busy in crimefighting, hehe… *winking an eye behind my mask

    A kiss and a rose from Spain,

  2. Another thing I was aiming to ask is how U really feel about the revamp of Batgirl and what is the grip this turn out of this brat impersonating her in the Birds of Prey ( I got some TB’s that are pretty nice –regarding the fact that I don’t regularly read Heroines) Would like yr opinion on both. and also to comment on yr fabulous page , Hope it turns out as a meeting place for all Batman Lovers..!!! __ ______
    | \((,(W),))/ |
    \ VV /
    \ V /

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