This unique piece–showing off Cass Cain in all her kick-ass attitude glory, comes from rem-sleep on Tumblr. The pose, fierce attitude and (surprisingly) yellow tone really work for her. Kudos!


Super Best Friends Forever short!

The short Super Best Friends Forever, featuring Batgirl, Supergirl and Wonder Girl, just premiered on DC Nation (DC’s new programming block on Cartoon Network). This is the first of five SBFF shorts–very, very short, the first clocking in at 75 seconds–all animated by Lauren Faust, animator for Cats Don’t Dance, Iron Giant and writer for Powerpuff Girls and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. Check out the whole thing below!

Supergirl and Batgirl try to convince Wonder Girl to take her older sister’s Invisible Jet out for a spin, because of, you know, big priorities–like TPing Lex Luthor’s secret lair and stopping in Mexico for burritos.

For the short minute or so that it was, SBFF is light, cute and frolicking, giggling fun, though it didn’t throw itself off the goofy deep end like, say, a reincarnation of PowerPuff Girls. The animation is beautiful yet minimalistic (Wonder Girl reminds me of Samurai Jack, it’s the eye shape, I think)–bright, vibrant, and a wonderful combination of Faust’s style and the DC heroines.

And hey, look–the women actually look normal! WG’s a little thin but Supergirl is curvy! She’s not a twig! And boy does it look good on her!

Batgirl is spunky, endlessly cartwheeling–a gymnast  just like her origin story–and her bouncing enthusiasm is honestly a whole lot more like Stephanie Brown than Barbara Gordon, which is a good thing to channel for a series like this.

Wonder Girl rounds out the team well, obviously the most mature of the three. She’s got an interesting accent going on, it sounds either Latin or Greek, regardless playing into the exotic origins of Themyscira as well as WW’s Greek mythology roots.

A superhero something airing on TV about girls just having fun, and not feeling like they have to be serious or say something about the “situation” of women in comics/society? It’s about FREAKING TIME. Now let’s have a full TV show already.

Kudos, Laura Faust, and can’t wait for number two!

And, um, Babs? Save me a burrito.

Batgirl by Francis Manapul

Batgirl Francis Manapul

Manapul is also doing some fabulous work on the current Flash series, you should definitely check it out. While I love the sumi-e style I would have loved Manapul to do more of an action pose, I love how he creates a sense of movement in Flash…

And yes I know I’m behind on reviewing Batgirl issues…oops! Please don’t send Ace after me! I’ll get right on it and hopefully start posting more in general.

Two Cents: Batgirl #5

I’ve gotta be honest here, folks.

I didn’t like this issue.

Probably the most significant moment in the issue was the family drama of Barbara’s mother’s return, which is a new direction for Barbara’s past. While we now know that instead of the route of Commissioner Gordon’s adopted daughter/niece/obscure relative, as is the case in past Batgirl comics, Babs is in fact his daughter. But the reveal of Barbara’s mother was not nearly so dramatic nor did it answer any questions; instead, Barbara’s still nameless mother tries to explain herself, Barbara walks away in a huff, ho hum nothing we haven’t read before…and then there was me constantly trying to tell the difference between mother and daughter.

Seriously. The exact shade of red hair (and not a hint of gray for Momma Gordon), not to mention the exact same face, eyes–hey, it looks like they even use the same lipstick colour. Riight. And a couple of pages later you see Jim with the same  brilliant red hair. Which is totally realistic. You know what would have been cool? If Babs’ mom looked a bit more like future Barbara in Batman Beyond.

But then again, I’m biased.

You know what else would have been cool? A villain who isn’t some buxom Emma Frost lookalike with magical changing hair. After the Mirror, I was hoping for Gail to pull out a more disturbing, darker, reminiscent-of-Batman-rogues-gallery-but-brand-new villain whom I can actually hate, or perhaps care about at all. Gail is usually good at writing those…Secret Six’s Junior, anyone?

Oh, and that opening shot was really nice also…you know, with everything else DC is doing to promote strong self-respecting women in their new line of comics. </sarcasm>


Well, I won’t stop reading the series, but this definitely was a downturn for me. But that doesn’t make me judge, jury and executioner…what did y’all think about the opening of this next arc?

Batgirl: suiting up!

This comes thanks to Gail Simone’s Tumblr…I love the often overlooked splash of freckles across Babs’ face…and what beauty in the details (bats across the smokey Gotham skyline, the white design of the cape, and more…just keep staring at it!)

This week on Tumblr

Gorgeous portrait of Yvonne Craig by Aadi Salman, thanks to happysorceress

Gotham Girls by gabzillaz, thanks to Stephanie Brown tumblr thepurplebat

Babs by Jeprox, thanks to Gail Simone’s Tumblr.

Two Cents: Batgirl #4

Batgirl’s first arc comes to an end as she confronts Mirror for the final time!

This was a satisfying issue, but the way Batgirl takes down Mirror was a bit disappointing. After the cancellation of Simone’s Birds and Secret Six, as well as her general genius combined with my Batgirl bias, I can’t hide from the fact that I have high expectations of Simone and this title in general. It’s probably unfair; we’ve only just gotten started and Batgirl’s team needs to build up the story on new ground. But still, it’s Batgirl’s first villain and she beats him with…a hall of  mirrors? Really? It’s been done before in other stories and also a common trope in Batman (everything with the Joker, and the recent Detective Comics run with Batwoman come to mind).

The highlight of the story really is the beginning when Babs, in a nightmare, painfully confronts who she is–a fracture between her lives as Barbara and Batgirl. Gail Simone deftly sets up Babs’ physical and psychological obstacles to deal with in the future; and as we discover more and more about Barbara’s “cure,” the more obvious it becomes that this is not going “back to the way it was,” though it’s hard to deny the political economic decision by the DC Powers That Be.

Ardian Syaf does some nice poses with Babs doing the trademark Bat-crouch (it’s a lot cooler than it sounds), and even make her look intimidating. While I wasn’t so crazy about the first cover and the Spider-Man-like gloves….I’m liking her costume more and more.